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Some versatile cubicle configurations are below that you can choose from, or check out some cubicle accessory parts/componentry options, and or go to view online pictures of recent installations.


Below are options of a variety of cubicle configurations you may want to consider when purchasing cubicles. Cubicles provide versatile configurations because their modular parts can be reconfigured and re-sized as needs change.


Add accessories and components to enhance the capabilities of your cubicles such as keyboard trays , pencil drawers, tool bars, and paper trays, coat holders, organizers, filing cabinets (hanging, supporting, or free standing), shelves, overhead cabinets, and lights.


Choose from such options as overall cubicle size and heights, panel fabric and worksurface laminate, metal trim and storage colors, to make your cubicles work seamlessly in your space.


Height with the exception of taller panels is not shown in below configuration options, but generally whether you have need of privacy or storage determines height. Keep in mind that you don't get significant sound proofing unless over 60"H, which the below cubicles show. Of course, team building, work sharing, and employee supervision, are best accomplished with low cubicle walls. Many other options available than just those below.

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