FYI, we have completed the move to 1300 E. 5th Street. We are now at a block long white and green building 5 blocks east of I-35 between Attayac and Navasota facing east 5th street. Parking is located on the east front 5th street side of the property where the fence is with signs for parking on it. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Previous News

To our valued customers:

The Bad News is due to the arson fire we suffered on May 29th, we will soon be closing our TOPS warehouse store at 1100 East 5th Street.

The Good News is we will soon be relocating to a new, larger, brighter warehouse store 2 blocks further east at 1300 East 5th Street. We will let you know the date.

The Better News is we are having a Fire/Moving Sale at the 1100 East 5th Street location to prepare for the move. All pre-owned products are now being sold at 50% off!!! All office supplies at 30% off!!!

This sale will continue at the1100 East 5th Street location until the relocation over to the 1300 East 5th Street store is complete. So come see us for great bargains!



Central / South
* 1100 East 5th Street
* Austin, Texas 78702
* Office: 512.472.1340
* Fax: 512.457.1247
* Open 7 Days a Week
* M thru F: 8 am to 6 pm
* Sat & Sun: 10 am to 6 pm

For a map to the Fire/Moving Sale at the TOPS 1100 East 5th Street location, go to Thank you!

-Texas Office Products and Supply




        6/7/10, TOPS Fire & Fire Sale!



        In the early morning hours on Saturday May 29th, our store at 1100 E. 5th Street was the victim of an arson fire. While the fire was quickly put out by the great guys at the Austin Fire Department, we sustained considerable smoke and soot damage and will need to vacate the building we've occupied for 15 years-- Sad!

        We are offering discounts of up to 20 to 30% off our already low prices on used furniture (most can be cleaned). We have plans to relocate to our larger store at 1300 East 5th Street (previously 500 Navasota, come on by to see the build out in progress!). This transition may take one to two more months and we will be replinishing sold items with others, also at greatly reduced prices!

        As we have other stores and large quantities of back up merchandise in storage we can still satisfy your needs of new and used office furniture: desks, tables, chairs, filing cabinets, storage, shelving, modular cubicles, and office supplies.

        TOPS, still Recycling to Save You and the Environment!




        4/23/10, TOPS Luxury Hotel Furniture Sale thru Monday 4/27/10


        Check out the Upcoming/New Arrival section of this website for new items just in from a luxury hotel in Austin.



        3/30/10, TOPS 3rd Annual Chair Sale, 800 chairs!


        We have 800 specially priced chairs we are selling from $10-$25 at all stores. Get 'em while we got 'em!



        3/30/10, TOPS Warehouse Liquidation Sale!


        Approzimately 15,000 square feet of office furniture at the 500 Navasota St. location is on a special sale to make room for other furniture coming in. Come by as soon as you can! 320-8280.



        2/24/10, TOPS Purchases Gary's Office Furniture.


        We recently reached an agreement to purchase Gary's Office Furniture previously located on North Lamar. Gary Bergvall, owner of Gary's, will join our North / West store at Braker and Kramer and product will be removed. Gary has a 39 year history in the office furniture business and will bring a vast amount of knowledge and experience to us.




        2/22/10, TOPS New Product Arrivals.


        We just picked up large amounts of cherry veneer and laminate desks, tables and accessories. Also picked up over 3,000 Jabra VOIP/Skype/Music headsets new in the box with a USB for your computer.Check out the NEW/UPCOMING ARRIVALS! section for more information.



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c. 2009 Texas Office Products & Supply (TOPS)


        We began our business in 1994 in a small out of the way 600 square foot space with a philosophy of providing low cost, functional used office furniture, delivered promptly. (Our first delivery truck was a mini-van). Word spread of our sincere effort to serve our customers with what they wanted and today we have 4 locations, operating out of 100,000 square feet of stores and warehouses, with seven delivery trucks serving the needs our customers, locally and nationwide.


        We have expanded to serve all business needs from office supplies to modular stations, warehouse products to electronics, providing both new and pre-owned products. For example, last year alone we sold over 10,000 new and pre-owned chairs, and delivered more than 2,000 modular stations. We specialize in servicing customers in Central Texas, but also do projects throughout Texas and ship

        Recycling is our "mantra," and we live our motto: "Recycling to Save You and the Environment!" For example, we are one of the few companies in America with an extensive recycling effort in used office supplies (one of the biggest bargains at TOPS).


        However, if we can't find a use for the products, we recycle. Over the past 3 years we have sent to recyclers:


        186,000 lbs of cardboard

        42,000 lbs of copper and aluminum

        1,048,000 lbs of steel



         In cardboard alone this resulted in saving 2,000 trees and over 700,000 gallons of water!


         We have fun with our business and our stores and employees reflect this. We're sometimes a little quirky in our products, but fun to shop-- where else can you find a geiger


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counter and a $2,000 executive desk!


         We've been honored by the success of servicing our customers, some having furnished 3 or 4 businesses over the years. We've also aided many needs over the years with donations to fire victims, extensive aid to Austin's "Katrina" effort and working with churchs and non-profits that operate on tight budgets.


        The Austin Chronicle has also voted us:


        1996 "Best Warehouse to Explore"


        2005 "Best Place to Find Hidden         Treasures"


        2009 "Critic's Pick" for the Above


Texas Office Products & Supply